Snow & Ice Control

When harsh winter weather strikes, businesses need a reliable partner that can help outfit them to navigate the treacherous road conditions and keep their operations running smoothly. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the challenges of Midwest winters, ProTech offers a range of innovative solutions to ensure that your business stays productive, no matter how much snow or ice Mother Nature throws your way. Add ProTech’s snow and ice control solutions to your arsenal to stay ahead of winter’s worst.


Snow plows have become indispensable for keeping roads, parking lots, and driveways clear and safe for both customers and employees alike. Designed to effortlessly clear away substantial amounts of snow, plows allow businesses to continue their daily routines without experiencing the disruptions and hazards that snow and ice can cause. With their heavy-duty construction, reliable performance, and ease of use, snow plows are an essential tool for any business that wants to keep its operations running smoothly during the winter season.


Arm your fleet with the proper ammo to combat the hazardous conditions of Midwest winters. Spreaders are another essential tool for businesses looking to keep their premises safe and accessible. Spreaders effectively distribute de-icing materials across roads, parking lots, and sidewalks, melting away ice and preventing it from forming. With their adjustable settings and precise control, spreaders ensure even and efficient coverage, maximizing the effectiveness of the de-icing process. ProTech offers a range of reliable spreaders designed to withstand harsh conditions, providing businesses with the confidence they need to tackle icy surfaces head-on.

Heavy Duty

Our exclusive range of tough-as-nails products is fashioned to withstand even the harshest winter weather. Engineered to tackle ice and snow with ease, our trusted, heavy duty products are reinforced and rugged to guarantee unbeatable resilience. With ProTech’s ultimate solutions, your vehicle will be equipped to keep the road clear from snow and ice, making winter challenges a thing of the past.

Our Partners

When it comes to snow and ice control, safety is a top priority for ProTech. That’s why our solutions are designed to minimize the risks associated with winter weather. ProTech’s equipment is installed and engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy use and severe weather conditions.

Work Like A Pro even in the wintertime

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