Unleash the full potential of your commercial van by creating a systematically designed and well-organized workspace. Our team of seasoned professionals will customize your fleet’s framework to align with your vision and goals. From custom shelving and storage systems to partitions and interior lighting, we optimize your van’s layout to enhance productivity. With ProTech’s commitment to precision and exceptional craftsmanship, you will be confident that every inch of your van will be utilized efficiently. Elevate your van to extraordinary, unparalleled heights with ProTech.

Shelving & Storage Solutions

Keep your workspace tidy, accessible, and optimized for productivity with our shelving and storage options. Utilizing Ranger Design shelving combinations and ProTech’s custom solutions, your fleet’s storage potential will reach new heights. Engineered for ideal organization, our storage systems offer versatile configurations to accommodate various tools and equipment.


Create a secured barrier between the cargo area and the driver’s compartment, providing protection from shifting loads while maintaining visibility and optimizing space utilization. Increase efficiency and maintain a professional image with Ranger Design’s premium, adaptable van partitions.

Ladder Racks

Enhance your fleet’s load capabilities with user-friendly ladder rack systems. Designed to withstand the elements, our line of durable racks securely transports ladders and other lengthy materials, promoting safety on the road. With a variety of custom-fit options, ProTech ensures your fleet is optimized for ultimate organization and efficient work capacity.

Lift Gates

Combining our top-quality craftsmanship with Tommy Gates premium products, loading and unloading heavy cargo has never been easier, saving you valuable time and effort. Customizable features and flexible weight capacities make lift gates the optimized solution for enhanced logistics and work performance.

Floor & Wall Liners

Protect your commercial vehicle’s interior with our rugged floor and wall liners. Crafted to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions, our durable liners offer superior protection against wear and tear. Keep your vehicle looking clean and professional while ensuring a safe and comfortable workspace for your crew.

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